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cup of coffee in hand with a black labrador retriever resting at the feet on the ground

Mutt & Joe opened its doors in 2010 with Andy Smull’s dream of creating a space that combined her two passions -- dogs and coffee! We are extremely proud to be a part of the Severna Park community providing award-winning bathing and haircut services to dirty dogs big and small.

Our customers' loyalty to our business is why we are able to do what we love for the community we love. We are so thankful for the familiar faces of people who have gotten us this far, as well as the new faces that we hope become familiar in time.


Elissa Barnard's journey reflects her lifelong love for animals, which initially led her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Despite working at the SPCA and gaining valuable experience, she realized that the extensive schooling required for a veterinarian wasn't the right fit for her. After exploring various industries, Elissa found herself happiest working with animals, particularly during her time at the SPCA.


Leveraging her business degree, she decided to embark on a career in the pet service industry. Starting by walking dogs, she eventually transitioned into managing Mutt & Joe, where she quickly rose to the position of general manager. When the opportunity arose for her to take over the salon, Elissa eagerly embraced it, using the previous four years spent honing her managerial skills and ultimately becoming a business owner in January 2023. Despite the challenges of business ownership, Elissa finds immense fulfillment in her work and is happier than ever before in her career.

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